EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Rodriguez Considers Me a Friend!

I was driving eastbound on Melrose Ave. and I noticed Michelle Rodriguez walking some puppies westbound along the Pacific Design Center. I actually didn’t know that she had puppies. They were very cute and I know that shots like that would sell. One thing I noticed right away was that another paparazzo was also headed westbound.

Michelle Rodriguez

A few cars passed me by and I made a U-turn. I was now headed westbound along her direction. The other paparazzo just kept on driving. I couldn’t believe how blind he was. Granted, I have probably missed a few stories the same way…maybe he wasn’t focusing. Oh well!

Michelle Rodriguez

I positioned myself to get a few perfect shots. She crossed the street and I got some very nice shots of her. I then made a left on San Vicente Blvd. and I parked along that street. I got out of my car and I waited for her to cross the street southbound towards me. Once she started crossing, she notices me and continues to walk uninterrupted. I have shot her so many times in the past that once she came up really close, one of her puppies was staring at me. She says to one of the puppies, “It is OK, [Puppy Name], he is a friend.” Then they continued to walk home. After that, I just left it.

Michelle Rodriguez

She was really cool with me.

Unfortunately, I forgot the puppy’s name. :(

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Saturday, September 16, 2006, 12:32 AM

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