Paris Hilton Was Very, Very Hurt!

Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about my night with Paris Hilton. :) Yesterday night when I was working at Hyde Club, I was actually not expecting any celebs to show up. It was already 1:30 AM and no one famous had shown up. Everyone was checking out the new club in West Hollywood called The Area.

Paris Hilton

Why did they call it that? Maybe because the President was in town a few days ago? Who knows? Well, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton with her entire entourage were already at The Area nightclub, so I thought that no one was going to show up at Hyde.

Well, before you know it, I see Kim Kardashian’s car, so of course I get my camera ready. They park right in front of the valet and therefore, in front of the waiting paparazzi.

Paris Hilton

From the back of the car, Paris Hilton gets out. As she walks to the entrance, she covers her cheek with her hand. I thought it was kinda wierd. ‘Maybe she was covering her face to cover her bruise from the day of the fight with Shanna Moakler’, I thought in my head.

Paris and Kim walk into the club. I then turned on the viewer to check out my pics. As I was watching the pics on the LCD, Paris and her entourage walk out. They were in the club less than two minutes. Paris was saying that it was dead in there.

Paris Hilton

I was cool with that, I got my shots.

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Friday, October 6, 2006, 8:22 PM

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