She Shows Me Her Panties, Looks At Me, And Then Takes Off!

I was lucky today. I was pulling into the alley of Fred Segal since it was on my route as the next place to check out. As I was slowly driving in, I noticed three paparazzos ready to execute commando mode. They were waiting for the celeb to get out of their car. I turned on my cameras and I unbuckled my seatbelt, since I knew that it was going to go down as soon as I made it to the center of store. As soon as I got to the restaurant area, I noticed Lindsay Lohan making a quick attempt to avoid everyone. She sneaked between a few cars, but it was too late.

Lindsay Lohan

I opened the door to my car and got out. I got in attack mode and she came straight to me. I didn’t have to work hard for that one. She goes into the restaurant area of Fred Segal and I leave the alleyway in search of a parking space.

Lindsay Lohan

Paparazzi began to trickle in and it was soon becoming a gangbang. About one hour later, Lindsay finally comes out with another outfit on. She must have changed inside. What happened to the old clothing that she was wearing? Is it going to Goodwill or is it in that bag?

Well, I got plenty of shots; enough for a good strong set.

Later on, while the gangbang worked on Heidi Klum, Lindsay drives southbound on Robertson Blvd. towards the Ken Paves Salon. I must admit, I didn’t see Lindsay drive by since I was surrounded by paparazzi. I just noticed a few paps running to their car.

Lindsay Lohan

Well, after we finished Lindsay, we all went to the Ken Paves Salon. She was already inside and all we had to do was wait for her to come out. About three hours later, I switched my camera settings to nighttime-hunt-mode. Later on that night she finally came out. Initially, she was covering her face with a garment bag and we all began to ‘BOO’ her. I recall one paparazzo saying, “We have been waiting for hours already.”

Lindsay Lohan

I think she realized that she was being dumb and put down the garment bag. She was cool after that. We were hosing her so hard that she yells out, “I can’t see?” I then said, “Yup! That is right! Take that for making us wait that long.” :) Just kidding… I didn’t say that.

Lindsay Lohan

She finally made it to her car and as she was getting in, she flashed me her panties, she looked at me, and then she took off, after she waved to me. :)

OK.. OK… She waved at everyone and she showed everyone her panties. :)

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Thursday, October 26, 2006, 2:39 AM

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