Paris Hilton Shows Fenita Pressman How To Put On Make-Up!

I expected Paris Hilton to show up on Robertson Blvd. at around 2:00 PM. When I passed by Robertson Blvd. at around 2:30 PM she still hadn’t arrived. I continued my route because I had Robertson covered since my business partner was there waiting for her arrival.

Paris Hilton and Fenita Pressman

In the meantime, I went northbound on Doheny Blvd. and I stumbled upon another story. It was a nice and juicy story, but I can’t disclose any information until after a few days. Well, after I finished that story, I found out that Paris had just made it to Robertson Blvd. I quickly went there.

Paris Hilton and Fenita Pressman

When I got there, there were so many paparazzi; it was crazy. Actually, there were so many tourists it was beyond belief. All of them tried to take pictures with their cell phones, PDAs, and some were even using disposable cameras. It was crazy. Well, Paris was there with Fenita Pressman, she is the grandmother of Brett Ratner. Apparently, she was filming a segment for her reality television show. I don’t know what it is called.

Paris Hilton and Fenita Pressman

After that, Paris and Fenita went into another store and that is where Paris Hilton gave her a personal gift of beauty. Paris showed her how she applies makeup. Fenita couldn’t have been more happy.

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Friday, December 8, 2006, 12:51 AM

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