I Haven’t Seen This Chick In A Long Time!

I didn’t get to work until late again. I was waiting for the cable guy to come fix the speed on my internet connection. Currently I am really disappointed with Time Warner as my internet provider. But it looks like they have a monopoly around this part of town. So, I was finally out of the house around 2:30 PM. I was looking out for anyone since during the holiday season; it tends to slow down a little bit. Everyone in a while you can still get lucky and find a bunch of sets.

Michelle Rodriguez goes for a walk along Robertson Blvd

Well, I was going to meet that same friend over for coffee at the Newsroom. The funny part about it was that when I showed up on Robertson Blvd, I noticed a bunch of paparazzi waiting for someone outside the Ivy. Well, I found parking right away and I started to head over.

Michelle Rodriguez goes for a walk along Robertson Blvd

I was almost there when Michelle Rodriguez comes out and everyone starts to shoot her. I ran to catch up to the gangbang. I was a little late but just in time to be able to snap the winning shot. :)

Michelle Rodriguez goes for a walk along Robertson Blvd

She stopped to pose for a few seconds before she decided on entering Kitson. She was only in there for a bit and she came out to an awaiting car. I went to meet up with my friend after that for a cup of coffee. I went home after that.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006, 9:53 PM

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