Catch-Up! (Part III) : This Is The Story Of Michelle Rodriguez!

The Next day on Friday, I was driving doing my normal routine. I was talking with my business partner on the phone discussing the industry and where our company Buzz Foto is going, when I spotted Michelle Rodriguez walking the streets of LA with a female friend. I was kinda bummed out when I noticed that her friend was not tall and blonde, since that would mean that it was her girlfriend Kristanna Loken.

This Is The Story Of Michelle Rodriguez!

Well, I told Brad that I had to get off the phone. I was exclusive for a very long time. I got her running in front of a city bus as she crossed the street. I got her clicking on the crossing button; I even had a little conversation with her. When all of a sudden, I get jumped. Not only that, I got jumped by people that said that they would never jump me. That is cool, though, since I consider it a public invitation to jump them every time they are working on something.

This Is The Story Of Michelle Rodriguez!

Well, What ended up happening next was actually very rare. A car pulls next to them and Michelle yells out. We are getting into the car with you. The driver of that car was this blonde. Initially, I didn’t think anything of it. I also knew that they were heading to Fred Segal. They drive off and I hurried to m car. I drove to Fred Segal and I got there just as the three girls were walking into the restaurant. I was able to knock off a few frames of the three girls and then I headed off.

This Is The Story Of Michelle Rodriguez!

Later on that day, I was looking at the pictures and I concentrated on the blonde. Is that Kristanna Loken? What do you guys think?

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Monday, January 29, 2007, 2:50 AM

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