Dawn Olivieri Plays Volleyball and Racquetball In A Two Piece Bikini Photography By Henry Flores

Dawn Olivieri

Dawn Olivieri

I have always said that some of the best photographs happen when you least expect it. After my previous encounter on the beach, I decided to go for a walk along the coast line enjoying the weather, the air, and the beautiful people. That is when I stumbled upon a familiar face. It wasn’t after my double take that I realized that it was the gorgeous tattooed girl from the hit television series Heroes. She was Dawn Olivieri. She was playing Racquetball with a male friend when I found her. She looked incredible. I was wondering what happened to the tattoos. I guess they were painted on. Regardless, I carried on taking pictures. I took a seat close to a life guard booth and took a few more. Soon, she was playing Volleyball. It was an incredible thing to see. She was really good.

Dawn Olivieri

Dawn Olivieri

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